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21 March 2011

The team was called to our team-mate Sharon’s house… some unexplained happenings have been occurring:

The house is a very old house, wooden flooring and pressed ceilings. It was also quite rainy. Key objects were placed through-out the house.

Andries, our tech-cam sponsor set up a new camera system for the evening and four cameras were set up through-out the house.

We started with an EVP session in the spare bedroom. Temp 66 deg Fahrenheit. The team noticed the odd soft knocking noises, but could not verify the origin. The team experimented to see if it could possibly be the wooden floor creaking. Andries and Shawn left the room to go and check on the cameras and the cupboard door behind Sharon opened, it caught Sharon off guard!

Shawn went to go and investigate to see if there was thunder and lightning outside that could be the source of the noises – it seems there were some soft rolling thunder, but they agreed that it was not what was heard. The team again noticed the odd noises. Andries noticed in the camera view there was a spectre of an old man, and it was debunked as the reflection against the fridge in the kitchen.

EVP session done in the study (our command centre for the evening) The team noticed numerous orb acitivity and Shawn decided to go and stomp in the first bedroom so that we could see if there was any dust orbs being emitted from the carpets, and if the pressure on the floor boards could replicate the cupboard door being opened.

The team also noted that there was a lot of moisture in the air due to the rain from earlier in the evening. Shawn and Andries both noticed an eratic squiggle on camera, but this could not be verified on play back (time 22:31) Temperature 69.7 degrees Fahrenheit. One would think with the team standing in the small room that the temperature would increase, but in fact it actually dropped slightly to 68.2. Shawn experimented and said that he would go and stand in the passage and that if there was an entity present, it must stand by him in the passage. No camera anomalies reported.

The team moved to the lounge and could feel the difference in temperature. 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit. EVP session done followed by a coffee break.

The team proceeded to investigate the rest of the house, kitchen, play room and main bedroom. Sharon noted that the deadbolt on the door was locked – none of the team members locked the door by the kitchen.
EVP captured in the play room. You can hear a slight high pitched noise and then a voice says “talk” Temperature 67.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The main bedroom was the last to be investigated. In the small room adjacent to the main bedroom, Mariaan put her recorder down. Shawn commented that he heard a noise, and on playback, you can hear the recorder being moved.
No further EVPs captured. No key objects moved. The team decided to pack up and head home.

After the investigation, some strange things continue to happen in the home.