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Investigation 4 - Private residence June 2010

The Shadow Chaser team was called to investigate strange occurances at a private residence in Germiston, Johannesburg. Funny shadows are seen, apparently an aparition of a little girl has been seen in one of the rooms, funny noises have been experienced too. Animals reacting to something unseen. According to the owners, there was a young man that committed suicide on the room on-top of the house. (balcony and a room on the roof)
The Soccer world cup was in full-swing at the time, and everywhere there were parties and the call of the vuvuzela could be heard from all directions. The team had two visitors that evening, Kayleigh and Sheryl who both have a keen interest in the paranormal.

The team set up some key objects in the house, and did an initial walk-through. Lots of photos were taken but no real anomalies showed up on camera. Due to the various fish tanks in the house, we decided not to cut the power, but we noticed that the EMF meter was showing in the red and setting off the little alarm bell wherever we went in the house, as well as outside the house.

The house was a relatively old house and although the owner assured us that when they purchased the house they did get a certificate of electrical compliance, the question of possible wiring problems was high on my list of suspects for the screaming EMF meter.

Both Kayleigh and Sheryl experienced being touched during the course of the investigation.

I ran into trouble with my digital recorder after the break of the 1st session and thus only had the first session to analyse for EVP recordings. The owner's little dog was a little ADHD with our flash lights and went absolutely crazy, barking and chasing our flashlight/headlamp lights. This was another obsticle listing for EVPs.

The little dog was put outside during the investigation, but still saw the lights on the curtains and creeping under the doors.

I am a bit sad to say that no real evidence indicative of paranormal activity was found that night. No key objects were moved.

I will load the one POSSIBLE EVP- Shawn makes a funny noise and then there is a female voice saying something - We have verified that it is not one of our voices. You will hear the sound quite loudly in the beginning followed by the voice. I slowed the voice down and repeated it at the end of the clip.

We have had discussions with the lady that called us to investigate, regarding the effect of high EMF on a person and the link to perceived paranormal activity.

Post the investigation we have had further communication saying that doors have been opened, a coin fell from the ceiling, and CD's being scattered in the kitchen when the family woke up one Sunday morning.

Although we didnt find much on our investigation that night (apart from some personal experiences), the family is convinced of a presence there. They have vowed to try and capture these anomalies - so hopefully soon, we will have some more evidence.
In the photos you will see Shawn's Titanic rendition, a knocking excercise, Shawn taking EMF meter readings as well as a very funny reflection photo that looks like a cartoon ghost on the wall.