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Investigation 1 - Private residence 6 February 2010

Investigation – Private residence - Alberton 6th February 2010 22:10 The Shadow Chasers’ first investigation post their divorce from SASPR was held in Alberton.

Some odd occurrences have been happening in this house, electrical equipment switching on and off by themselves, animals reacting to a presence of some sort, and once or twice the owner of the house has seen a shadow in the passage.

Video recorder set up in the lounge, key objects placed through-out the house, motion sensors set up. Walkthrough with EMF meter done before and during the investigation. Temp in bedroom 22.5 degrees.

The team started their EVP session in the main bedroom. 1 recorder was left in this room. Moved to the next bedroom (2) Temp 22.5 degrees. EVP session done. Recorder 2 left in the second bedroom.

The team noticed some hand prints on a mirror and quickly debunked anything paranormal as it seems it was a little child’s hand prints (there is a child visiting from time to time) EVP sessions done in bedroom 3 and 4.

The next room to investigate was the study. The team experienced some “vertigo”/fun house effect feelings in this room. Temp 23 degrees. The team took a break for some well deserved “Melktert” and Apple crumble. We offered the hostess some “Melktert” and she declined. (this was a good decision, as the Melktert was really not nice)

I was told that after I left this room, the TV in the TV room switched on and off by itself. we decided to do the dining room/lounge area. EVP sessions done.

Thereafter the team did EVP sessions in the passage and entrance area. Kitchen. Temp 22.5 degrees. EVPs done. TV Room. When we walked into the TV room we noticed that the key object was moved considerably. See photo.

It is speculated that when the TV switched on and off earlier, the entity might have drawn energy from the television to have moved the object. The owner of the house ( an elderly lady of 72) was in the room at the time the TV switched on and off, but it is not uncommon for an entity to be attached to a particular person and thus focusing activity around this person.

The team left a recorder running – no EVPs. The team noticed some activity on the EMF meter in the lounge, but debunked it due to probable electrical interference from an outside flood-light. Some EVPs recorded. It sounds like the owner’s dog’s name.

The team moved back to the TV room. Sharon had a personal experience where it felt as if she was being pushed. Louise commented that she felt quite ill in the room. Dowsing session done some EVPs recorded. The team decided to call it a night. Although we caught various pictures of possible ‘orb’ activity, the team decided to dismiss these photos due to the location of the house and the weather conditions on the night. We did, however, manage to obtain some good evp’s.
In the first EVP, it sounds like the owner's dog's name.
Second EVP - strange whisper
Third EVP - Recorder left in bedroom - strange whisper
Fourth EVP - Shawn gets goosebump - followed by eery voice