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Investigation 2 - Business, Randparkridge 2010

We would like to apologize to all of you for neglecting to report on this investigation, the footage was quite difficult to work through. As you all know we did a previous investigation here (prior our divorce with SASPR) which was quite eventful, we had slamming doors/ringing telephones/orb activity captured on video etc. so much so that we believe that we were dealing with a poltergeist.

And thus the reason we were called to follow up on our investigation since some of the employee’s in the office started noticing some ‘old’ activity resurfacing again. Even with our initial walk through Mariaan and Sharon commented that they did not feel as uncomfortable as the first time and Shawn commented that maybe the activity that’s arising now is not from the same entity – which I agreed 100% - the poltergeist that was present last time (we named him kantoorspook) was definitely not present this time seeing that the whole atmosphere was ‘lighter’ and more peaceful.

We had four recorders running in various areas of the building and our video camera set on the ominous slamming door – neither one of the recorders had anything paranormal to report, even the video camera footage was ‘lifeless’. The dowsing rods did have some fun and we did get some orb pictures to show for the evening.

We were all a bit unsatisfied seeing that we had so much going on the previous time we were here but we can now with certainty say that the poltergeist has gone its own way - if it was because of us saying the right things that made him move on or see the light the first time we were here we wouldn’t know for sure but there was no sign of him this time- or maybe he was hiding out this time!

It is also known that some entities attach themselves to a specific person and seeing that there is some employee’s that left since the last time he may have just moved on with one of them? Now we would like to know from other investigative teams if you have done follow up investigations and what your experiences were in this regard?