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Investigation 3 - Radiokop

In a nutshell we were called in because our host had a definite feeling that she was not alone in her one bedroom apartment and she wanted to find out why this entity was with her.

Apparently strange things happened like a specific kitchen cupboard that opened by itself and her cats curiosity and staring towards nothing specific. She also had white flashes of something or someone rushing past her a few times and on occasion she would awake startled with a feeling of being almost suffocated - she would then rather spend the rest of the night in the living room.

We started our evening off just after 8pm and were welcomed by our host Wendy with lovely Apple and Savoury Tart. Thank you for having us Wendy you were an absolute darling! Only Wendy, Shawn, Sharon and myself were present for this investigation which was more than enough for the 56 sqaure meters we had to cover. On our initial walkthrough Shawn and Sharon had the same ‘blocked out’ feeling moving from the kitchen to the lounge they described it as ‘difficult to get through as if there is a barrier of some sort’. Sharon also felt incredibly dizzy in the passsage area.

Sharon immediately had a ‘war’ with one of the pictures in the bedroom, she felt very uncomfortable around it the whole evening and we even went so far to ask our host to remove the picture for a few days and report back to us on any increase or decrease of activity.

This picture was passed on from Wendy’s deceased mother , she couldn’t remember how long she had it or where she got it from. We started our Evp session in the open plan lounge/kitchen. Shortly after we began Wendy had a strange feeling that the entity was with her and it made her so cold she shivered.

Shawn took over and respectfully but firmly asked the entity not to ‘cause Wendy any further discomfort, and she started feeling better almost straight away. The main questions we focused on was why the entity was there and asking about its age and sex. We all then headed to her bedroom where each and every one of us got the chills, which in this case was quite abnormal - for a small space like this to differ so much in temperature was almost absurd?!

This is where the fun started. During our evp session we could actually feel the entity move between and around us by just the temperature alone. The temperature fluctuated from being icy cold to uncomfortably hot in a matter of seconds and only in certain areas of the room.

I sensed something pass me towards Sharon and even before I could tell her this she gasped with the sudden icy cold feeling around her and then suddenly she would start getting hot and myself or Shawn would be getting the chills again... this was an unbelievable experience!

I left my recorder running the whole time in the front section of the apartment; I picked up nothing on evp. We got a few Orb pics which will be posted under our orb section, towards the end of our investigation Shawn felt very uncomfortable standing in the passage area, and asked us to take a picture, myself and Sharon took pics at almost the same time and we were surprised to see all the orbs around him.

No key object’s were moved and nothing paranormal was found on our video footage. Unfortunately we could not gather any solid evidence to back our personal experiences that there is in fact an entity present.