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Investigation 6 - Private residence, Benoni

Once again the team was called to the east of Johannesburg.

The client complained that her back was touched in the bath. At the time of the incident her partner was asleep in the bedroom. She also complained about being watched/followed moving from the bathroom to the lounge. The cottage was located on a dog-breeder’s property, so we had constant barking from the dogs which made the audio almost impossible to work through.

Key objects were placed around the cottage and an initial EMF walkthrough was done.

EVP sessions were done in the kitchen and from there we moved to the lounge. Louise was taking pictures (of the spare bedroom) and she commented that she was sure the cupboard door moved (by looking at the picture display), but upon investigation and browsing through previous pictures, we found that the cupboard door was indeed open by about 2 inches all along.

There was an oil heater in the bedroom, and the room temperature was a lot warmer compared to the rest of the house. EVP sessions done.

The next room targeted was the spare bedroom. EVP session done. Although the temperature was 16 degrees the room felt a lot cooler.

The team proceeded to do the last room which was the bathroom. Louise commented that she felt dizzy in the bathroom. Some EVP questions asked. The client asked if she could ask some questions alone. Shawn stayed with the client and Sharon, Louise and myself moved to the lounge.

The client asked some questions and she also commented that the “entity” makes her feel very uncomfortable. She also requested it to leave the premises.

No key objects were moved during the investigation and no EVPs were recorded.

** Louise commented that the whole evening the entity was moving away from us. The team however, could not find any evidence to confirm this.